If you have ever experienced heartburn, indigestion or reflux, one of the causes of that uncomfortable feeling is after eating is the imbalance of acid in the stomach. Unfortunately, the effects aren’t only noticed in the stomach. If the acid comes up the oesophagus and into the mouth, it covers the teeth in a very low pH gastric acid which leads to dental erosion. 

Dental erosion results in the outer enamel layer dissolving in an acidic environment, and if it continues, the internal dentine dissolves too. It can lead to shorter, thinner, transparent teeth that become fragile and chip easily. Teeth can also become sensitive.

For some people, certain foods will trigger heartburn or reflux, while for others it is a condition which occurs regularly and requires medication to manage it.

Scientists have shown that xylitol, as contained in Swirlit, has benefits for neutralising stomach pH, and reducing the effects of reflux and heartburn. Because of the non-acidic pH of Swirlit, it also aids in preventing dental erosion and enhancing remineralisation of the teeth.

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