Dating is fun,

but it also requires some preparation. Here are some tips to make date night extra. 

  1. Be on time
  2. Don’t be on your phone
  3. Conversation starters – great conversation can keep your date captivated. Choose topics that are of genuine interest to you that showcases your authenticity. Leading with your best holiday tips, a childhood memory that makes you smile, top 5 people on your ultimate dinner party guest list will help take the edge off any awkward silence. 
  4. Date Night Hygiene – it seems basic, but make sure you clean your fingernails, ears, use deodorant and make sure there are no stains on your clothes. 
  5. What to wear – you’ve got style, so flaunt it. Dress for the occasion, but in the case of a surprise destination, a classic perfectly fitting white t-shirt, jeans and a rocking jacket with killer heels are always in style. Guys, no big logo tees. Great jacket idea , the perfect white tee , the killer heel  
  6. Smile – let your date know you’re having a great time. A smile is the first thing people fall in love with in a prospective partner. Let your smile shine. 
  7. Accessories – don’t go over the top, but express yourself authentically. 
  8. Fragrance – mesmerise with an irresistible scent like Le Labo Santal 33 
  9. A kiss perhaps? – who knows how the date will ends but be prepared for anything! Make sure you put your best self forward and be considerate by having fresh breath. A great way to get “love your smile” is with Swirlit. Because it’s a drink, it’s more convenient than chewing gum and unlike gum there’s nothing to spit out. Just drink Swirlit, and your mouth feels clean and you have fresh breath. And unlike other products to freshen breath, it doesn’t taste minty, just a clean cinnamon flavour that’s sure to impress. And don’t forget the lip balm! 


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