Swirlit is a healthy drink for healthy mouths, designed to reduce the burden of dental disease due to sugary and acidic drinks.

For every 25g of sugar consumed per person per day, the average cost of dental treatment in high income countries increase on average $100USD. The current average sugar intake is 100g of sugar per person per day, and the cost of average sugar intake in extra dental treatment spend is ~$400USD per person per year. Added sugars provided by beverages (excluding fruit juices) is up to 34% of total daily sugar intake. The average spend on non-alcoholic beverages per year in the US is $402.48

Daily sugar intake

If 34% of 100g of sugar intake daily is from beverage, sugary drinks contribute to an additional $136.84USD per person per year in additional dental treatment. A family of 4 could spend an increased $547.37 USD per household on treating beverage related dental issues. And that’s on top of the cost of purchasing the drinks. Additional costs and losses arise from loss of productivity, cost of maintenance of ongoing dental work, discomfort, loss of oral function, reduced ability to chew effectively, impacts on systemic and gut health, and self esteem.

Swirlit is different

Remembering that simply choosing an acidic diet drink with no sugar or bottled water which is often also acidic will still result in adverse dental health outcomes. Swirlit is different. A healthy drink for healthy mouths, sugar free and with vitamins, minerals, extracts and a prebiotic for oral health. And if ready-to-drink beverage options aren’t your style, stick to tap water or unsweetened tea.

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