There are many times a day where we get close to another person. Work colleagues, treating doctors, beauty therapists, class mates, friends, family and romantic partners are among the types of people who will have reason and opportunity to smell each other’s breath through various activities. Unfortunately, sometimes we find that another person’s breath can be undesirable and it is difficult to be upfront and tell someone that their breath isn’t fresh.

There are many causes for bad breath or halitosis. If the odour is of an oral origin it is commonly caused by volatile sulfur compounds: hydrogen sulphide and methyl mercaptan. These compounds are produced when bacteria in the mouth breakdown food debris. If bacteria remains in the mouth too long, and if there is imbalance between acids, bacteria, sugars and poor oral hygiene dental decay, gum disease and can result. Dehydration leading to a dry mouth, certain medications, sinus infections, a high protein diet and gastric issues can also lead to bad breath. Determining the cause of any persistent bad breath is important (and telling someone that they have bad breath is actually doing them a favour!) to make sure that any potential disease is managed.

Bad breath from garlic, onion, coffee, alcohol or smoking can be very difficult to mask. The traditional solutions such as mouthwash or chewing gum often lead to strong “minty” flavour which doesn’t disguise the offending cause of the bad breath. Mouthwash containing alcohol also dries the mouth which can lead to an actual worsening of the bad breath smell. Polyphenols and other natural ingredients in Swirlit help to eradicate the underlying odour. Also by hydrating and moisturising the mouth Swirlit can prevent bad breath.

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